Chemo, no other words are needed.

There is nothing more impactful in your life than being part of something greater than yourself. It is a big part of the allure of CrossFit, being a part of your local community and the global community that exists. When you say you are competing in the Open people within know that you don’t mean the NW Arkansas Open, you mean the world-wide Open.

Community is powerful. Community is where you live, work, play, and raise your family. According to the University of Washington, “the idea of community may simply come down to supporting and interacting positively with other individuals who share a vested interest….and that people who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives”. It makes sense.

CFNWA is a great community. In my opinion we have grown so close over the years because of the support we have for one another. Typically if something amazing happens to you the first person you tell is someone at the box. If you are sick, you tell your friends at the box. If you lost a pet, you ate pie, or you just need someone to slap you in the face, you tell someone and usually that someone is in our box.

A lot of things have happened over the years and not always good, but CFNWA has always been there to provide support both emotionally and financially. To my knowledge, Lee has never turned away from an opportunity to help a member or honor someone’s memory. One other thing, we may be the world’s wettest box for all the tears that have been shed on the floor.

So it is important that we honor and support someone tomorrow who has provided so much, to so many over the past 8 years. There will always be someone that says “but he owns the box and that is his job”. But if you know him, you will know that nothing could be farther from the truth. He may drop a wall ball under your ass when you don’t squat deep enough to suit him, but don’t think he doesn’t genuinely care. This community and all that it represents, starts with him.

On January 7th in 2010 the leader of CFNWA was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis was so aggressive that he was scheduled for chemotherapy treatments to begin 4 days later. Is there any doubt that a man so intense and aggressive with a bar in his hands would have any lesser of a prognosis?

He was told he would lose all his hair. He was told there would be no more children. He was told it would take more than a year to recover from chemotherapy treatments this intense. If you have ever lived with a family member or friend with cancer you have seen how it can ravage the body and rob them of their energy, health, and their dignity. The fight itself is more than most can take.

I am not going to go into details or personal accounts of what it was like for him, Jenn, and Josie because no matter what I say it cannot possibly represent what they went through.

But if you know Lee, at a buck and a half soaking wet (sorry dude, just a guess) and a 240 pound OHS, you know strength is what he has. Like the sign out front, “Train to Survive”.

The WOD tomorrow, “Chemo” was written by Lee during one of his chemotherapy treatments. At the very moment they were filling his body with poison, he put together a workout that represents all that was going on his life at that very moment in time, and when you are thinking about putting down that bar tomorrow, or giving less effort than 110%, you think about that moment and you push on.

It’s been 6 years since that news was delivered and obviously he beat that awful disease. But it doesn’t end there; there is more to the story. A few months later more news was received by the family, they would soon be adding another member to the community, his name is Chance and he is an incredible little fella.

Train to survive. It really is more than just a slogan, you see throughout the entire ordeal Lee never stopped training. Tomorrow, you shouldn’t either.


God bless and see you at the box! 
The WOd Father



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